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What we do


Bring smiles to hospitalized patients to improve their daily lives, their isolation and make them happy.


Being an educational support that allows learning the CAD design, 3D printing and programming.


Realization of a humanoid robot open source and a target of competition by participating in the Robotcup.

About us

Heol robotics is the name of an association having as a goal the realization of a humanoid robot called Heol. A humanoid robot is a robot that can perform the same movements as the human body. The project was initiated by Alexandre Le Falher, founder of the project. Long keen on robotics, the idea took shape at the end of his internship on humanoid robotics. These robots are expensive for most, he decided to embark on this project and assemble a team, to design an affordable robot. Heol is a term that means Sun. The sun brings Heat and Happiness. This is exactly the ultimate goal of the project, make it the warmest day for the people who are hospitalized and especially children.

Our robots

Our team

Alexandre Le Falher
Founder & Mechanical
Florian RUEN
Software & Website
Benjamin DA COSTA


UPMC Makershop Génération Robots

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Paris, France